Upside down?  foreclosure or short sale?Upsidedown?

Near to foreclosure?      Pre-Foreclosure?   Considering a Short Sale?

Unable to make the house payments?      Behind in your payments?

Do you need help? ... Someone to step in and get you out of the mess?

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We understand that the stress involved can eat you up.  We want you to know that some of the options.  We will help you discuss your options and help you make the decision whether a Short sale, Refinance, Modification, foreclosure or banckrupcy is your best option.  


We can likely help.    We just need you to contact us.   Don't wait till it is too late.  Call us now! 608 513 1123


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We may be able to, navigate you out of this mess with your mortgage company.  Get your home on the market,  get it sold, and get you moved to a new place in your life. 

You do not need to be:- 2 months behind in payments.  But you do need to be willing to provide us with the papers we need to assist you. 

Are you unable to make the payments?  Able to call us:-  608 513 1123 

"I can not afford a Realtor"  truth, you can not afford not to.  It will likely not cost you anything as we will negotiate it into the deal.




Do it now, the sooner you do, the sooner we can get your stress level down. 

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Actual example of how we can help

Faith came to us in despair.  She had lost her husband, had never worked and had created a lifestyle to keep her and her young daughter comfortable.   Foreclosure was looming. 

We came in and found a buyer, then negotiated with 2 mortgage companies, kept the buyer in the loop, while we finalized agreement with the banks, including the second to take 10% as their share. 

We closed and Faith was soooo happy.  All it cost her was a ding on her credit.   Even Uncle Sam passed a bill so the amount she was forgiven was not taxed. 

Since that sale in 2006, we have successfully completed many short sales, we are also members of the group Short Sale Superstars.  A group of professionals who network to share experiences.  



Let us help you!!!   Don't wait!  The longer you let it go the harder it will be.

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Real Estate GuyTeam has been practicing foreclosures for 6+ years in Madison Wi and has amongst the most experience and best track record of any agent teams.  Check out our Short sale Procedures Here